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At Cibo, it is always about family first.

And where does a Sicilian family see each other most? Around the dinner table!

  We are a brother and sister team directly from Italy and travel back each year to visit our parents who live near Palermo in Sicily. We grew up watching our matriarchs prepare the most amazing foods with the simplest and freshest ingredients.  These meals nourished our bodies, certainly, but more importantly they nourished our souls and taught us the value of family and love.....right there around our Nonni’s and Mamma and Papa’s dining room table!!  


We congregate around food.  It brings us together!  And now we are so excited to welcome you to our table as well!!  Our vision has been to create a space for families, for travelers, for single individuals who have no time or desire to cook to enjoy simple, beautiful meals prepared with the freshest ingredients in your own home, in your picnic basket, in your cooler for the beach or in your cart on the golf course. Allow our award winning chef to prepare authentic meals, showcasing generations of our family’s recipes and passion for “Cibo” (food)!!


Si Mangia Bene! 

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The love of food was ingrained in Chef Nick at a very young age.  Growing up as the only boy in his immigrant Italian family and being ostracized daily by his two sisters and six female cousins in a small Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn NY, Nick spent most of his time with the five greatest cooks the world has ever known…...his grandmother, mother and three aunts.  Getting his first start at his aunt and uncle’s local and iconic LoCicero’s Italian Restaurant right here in Orleans, Nick spent his life learning and honing his culinary skills at the highest levels of the industry receiving several awards along the way.  His resume includes chefing for award winning resorts, hotels and restaurants, Les Amis d’Escoffier Dinners.  He has appeared in several media shows, publications, and numerous culinary competitions in his 35 plus years in the food service industry.  Nick is the proud father of three, a husband, a professional musician and an expert ice carver




Antonella has been in the hospitality industry for over 25 years getting her start right here on the Cape at the Wequassett Resort and Golf Club.  In her positions as Director of Sales and Catering and Wedding Sales Manager at several award winning properties she was responsible for marketing and coordinating corporate and social events and her very favorite....weddings.  During her career, she has helped plan and execute weddings for over 2000 amazing brides and grooms!  She is passionate about her family, about living her life in service to others, about always giving back and of course, about food.....and wine!! 


Who says that a brother and sister who chased each other around mom's dining room table couldn't end up the best of friends and the best of partners!!  We've prepared a lifetime, individually, to be able to come together to provide our guests with the very best of back-of-house and front-of-house excellence!! 

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